Evaluating InfoSec Strategies

Are you tasked with building an InfoSec program from scratch, or do you simply need an opinion of your current InfoSec effort?

Armed with our InfoSec expertise, we ensure the depth and breadth of your InfoSec program (new or in progress) is adequate, and is appropriately aligned with the overarching goals of your business units, operations, and IT.

Our experts are especially adept at coaching stakeholders through major business transformations or re-inventing their InfoSec program and supporting technology. This approach enables stakeholders to be agile, while protecting the company, the brand, customer data, and assets.

Conducting InfoSec Research

Are you struggling to make sure your InfoSec spend is appropriate with the right amount of investments? Thinking about that next InfosSec company to fund?

We coach companies in addressing InfoSec related decisions so engineers and executives understand the threat landscape and supporting solutions. This empowers decision makers to cut through the noise of InfoSec trends and create immediate results.

Public Speaking

BLUELAVA Consulting's founder, Demetrios Lazarikos (Laz) is a two time former CISO, former PCI QSA, and recognized visionary for building Information Security and Fraud big data analytics solutions. Laz's work in the areas of cyber threat research and big data analytics has been widely praised by industry analysts.

No stranger to the boardroom, media, or podium, Laz has presented to thousands of attendees at numerous industry conferences and privately to executives and practitioners. He has contributed to writing and interviewing for business and technology media outlets such as Bloomberg, The Chicago Tribune, ComputerWorld, Dark Reading, Gartner, MarketWired, SC Magazine, SiliconAngle, USA Today, and Wired.

If you are interested in having Laz work with your organization on speaking at your next event, please contact us.